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What is Shiv Yog?
  • Merging of one's consciousness with universal or God consciousnes
  • Benefits of Shiv Yog Practices
  • Science Beyong Science
Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji
  • Known as Father of Indian Healing
  • You are creater of your own destiny
  • Teaches one to self-heal and heal others
Meditating and discuss scriptures
  • Brampton, September 13
  • Winnipeg, September 26
  • Watch Shiv Yog videos
Spreading sacred wisdom
  • Shivirs are regularly conducted by Baba ji and Ishan ji throughout the world for the well-being of human beings
Knowledge and self discovery
  • Babaji has prepared a Swadhaya that is a part of ShivYog practice
  • Guru Khand, Shakti Khand, Shiva Khand
There are three levels in the courses
  • The Siddha Past Life Therapy. This is the ancient wisdom & sadhna that was practiced by Maharishis such as Gautam Buddha and Mahavir
What is Marriage
  • Marriage is like putting mirror in front of you. However you are and whatever you are, will be triggered by the ‘better half’
Find out more about Shiv Yog
  • Shivyog Canada, Toronto
  • Ottawa, Calgary
  • Edmonton, Fredericton
  • Montreal, Vancouver